Lighting & Accessories

Flying Festoon Lights

Stunning external flying festoons, unique to our marquees. Hung between the king poles on top of the tent to mirror the swooping silhouette


Fairy Lights

Indoor fairy lights throughout the roof canopy will create the perfect warm twinkly glow. Dimmable to give you the perfect ambiance


Black Festoons

Dimmable festoons hung throughout the roof canopy are a nice alternative to fairy lights, giving the perfect atmosphere as evening beckons


Flower Rings

Gorgeous floral hoops, ready for florists to decorate, 1.8m diameter (lowered and raised on pulleys)


Flower Rings Large

Create the ultimate floral showstopper with our 3m diameter hanging floral hoop, ready for florists to decorate (lowered and raised on pulleys), perfect hung above a round bar


Mirror Ball

A rotating mirror ball above the dance floor (with spotlights) to add that extra sparkle. Available in large and extra large diameters (45cm and 75cm)

£295 – £365

Entrance walkway

Stunning entrance walkway lined with giant shepherds crooks and draped in festoon lights

From £230

Fire Bowl

Authentic Indian Kadia fire bowl set with logs


Rattan Circular Sofa Set

Our circular rattan sofa set with cushions makes a great chill out space and seats around 10, perfect with a fire bowl


Wooden Benches

Our wooden benches are great on an outdoor terrace. £35 per bench or £70 a bench draped in sumptuous reindeer hide

£35 – £70

Spill-out Area

Use an outdoor terrace area to create an extension to your drinks reception space, surrounded by festoon lights suspended from giant crooks. 

From £400