Frequently Asked Questions

How do we secure our date?

We require a 25% deposit to secure your event date and equipment. We then ask for the final 75% balance four weeks prior to your event.    

Will you come and do a site visit?

Yes, we will come and have a look at your site to confirm suitability for our structures and to check access for our vehicles.  It’s also great to meet you in person and discuss some more aspects of your event.

Can we add items to our account after we have paid the deposit?

Yes, subject to availability, we can add additional items and accessories to your account.

How do we put the sides up and down?

On the day of your set-up we’ll show you how to roll the sides up and down as part of our handover. The sides roll up easily and can be tied at the top. 

Can I choose how many side walls I want to be clear and how many I want to be solid canvas?

As standard we provide three-quarters clear sides, and one-quarter solid canvas. Usually we recommend having one-quarter solid canvas to keep items such as generators, toilets and catering tents out of sight. If you would like a different combination of walls then please let us know and we will check if we have availability to provide this. 

What sort of flooring do you provide, and can I choose to have no flooring and just have a grass floor?

We provide fitted Dandy Dura matted flooring as standard unless you have requested otherwise. We also provide wood flooring if preferred.

Where do the stakes go into the ground and how deep are they?

The stakes go in around the perimeter of the marquee, 2 metres out from the walls. They go 1 metre deep into the ground.  

How far out do the guy ropes come from the edge of the marquee?

2 metres.

Can you put the marquee up on hard standing?

No. Our marquees must be put up on a flat grass surface so that our stakes which secure the marquee can be driven into the surrounding ground.

How tall are the side walls?

The walls are 2.1metres tall. 

How tall is the structure?

Our 12metre and 9metre marquees are an impressive 8.1metres and 7.7metres tall respectively. 

When will you be coming to set up the marquee and take it down?

For all events we ensure we give you a full day after set-up and prior to your event for you to dress and enjoy the marquee.  For a Saturday wedding, we will set-up on the Wednesday or Thursday.  Your set-up and take-down days will be confirmed with you well in advance and we will work closely with your other suppliers to ensure your event runs seamlessly.

Take-downs will be the day after your event or the following day.  For a Saturday wedding we will take-down on either the Sunday or Monday.

Can I have a fire in the marquee?

No, but you can however have one of our fantastic fire bowls positioned outside. Candles are allowed inside providing they are secured in appropriate holders.

Do we need to remove everything before you take down?

Yes please.  We require all personal belongings, flowers, catering equipment and event debris to be removed prior to take-down.

Is security important?

Yes it is, particularly the day before your event.  Most clients will use friends and family to watch over the marquee, to avoid any issues of theft or vandalism.  We also ask our sub-contractors to ensure that towable bathroom trailers and generators are hitch locked/wheel clamped.

Who does what and when?

We would recommend when planning your event doing an hour-by-hour breakdown of what’s going to happen, that way you can delegate jobs to family and friends.  On the day of your event your caterer will tend to take over timings, making sure your guests are seated at the right time etc.  We can provide on-site support if you’d prefer, someone to light your fire bowl and open and close the sides at your wish.  Just ask us for a quote for our can-do service.

What will my caterer need?

All caterers are different and have different space requirements.  We can provide a range of catering tent sizes to suit.  Our catering tents come with suitable flooring, overhead task lighting and will be connected to the main marquee.  We will also ensure your guests can’t see into the catering tent.

What about power?

Power will be required for your catering, entertainment, lighting and bathrooms. Our trusted, experienced electrical contractors can provide suitably sized generators for you (typically 40-60 kVA), along with a back-up generator, fuel, distribution cabling and sockets.  We will ensure your power is set up on the same day as we set up your marquee so that everything can be tested before we leave site.

What is the damage waiver?

It is a waiver that Elegant Pitches have set-up, primarily to protect clients. If there is any accidental damage caused to the hire equipment sourced through Elegant Pitches, then the full costs are covered (excluding any criminal acts, such as theft or negligence) and our client has no excess to pay.

If I purchase marquee/event insurance can I remove my damage waiver?

We are more than happy for you to remove our damage waiver fee if you can provide proof of adequate marquee/event insurance cover.  We will provide you with the values of all of the equipment hired via Elegant Pitches prior to your event, to ensure you have the correct level of cover.

When do we need to finalise everything by?

We’ll get in touch with you around 6 weeks prior to your event asking you to confirm final guest numbers, then 4 weeks before your event we’ll confirm your order and invoice for the balance of your account. 

Any other questions?

Give us a call, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.