Why choose Elegant Pitches for your marquee celebration?

We are proud to be the only company in Scotland to supply these beautiful, British made marquees.

In this blog we look at some of the reasons why our offering has become the preferred choice of marquee for so many luxury Scottish Weddings.

Beautifully designed

Hand crafted in York by a very talented team of passionate artisans at Wills Marquees, our traditional sailcloth marquees feature towering folds of natural cotton canvas, high wooden king poles topped with white flags and gorgeous swooping silhouettes create genuine refined elegance.

Here’s what our makers at Wills Marquees have to say about the design and manufacture process:

All of our craftsmen and women care deeply about the materials and methods used throughout the entire process of making a tent. We believe that by selecting the finest materials and combining them with care, skill and workmanship we bring a quality and integrity to our marquees that can never be replicated in mass manufacture. 

Timeless elegance comes from the attention lavished on the crafted details.


Sustainability sits at the heart of everything we do. All manufacturing is done here in Britain using entirely locally sourced materials. As well as supporting British manufacturing, which we know is the best, our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.  

Attention to detail

We set this business up to be the best and our measure is the quality of our products and the service we deliver to every customer at each and every event.

To achieve this requires attention to details, right down to the fabric used for the Marquee. In contrast to the petroleum based polyester and vinyl used by other international sailcloth marquee manufacturers, Wills marquees are made using natural cotton canvas from British Millerain (who supply fabrics to Belstaff and Barbour), chosen it for its superior quality and durability.

All their cotton is sourced from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) approved suppliers. BCI helps provide farmers with the skills for sustainable farming, helping to provide a fairer workplace, maintain soil integrity, reduce waste water and reducing the use of the most harmful insecticides.

By day the natural properties of cotton canvas make for light, bright, airy interiors. As night falls, the whole tent takes on a magical lantern like glow as light radiates through the canopy. 

Luxury sailcloth marquee hire for weddings and events, Scotland

Plans Change

We know from experience that wedding plans can and do change. Guest lists can grow, but don’t worry, we’ve got that covered.

Our marquees are built in sections, giving you the ability to increase or decrease the size of your marquee to suit your plans.

This is quite different from other imported structures that use polyester sailcloth and manufacture in one single piece.

When you choose Elegant Pitches, we work with you throughout your planning process to give you the perfect marquee to accommodate your celebration. During the planning process we prepare a scaled 3D layout using bespoke software designed specifically for our marquees, this allows clients to virtually walk through their marquee and ensure they have their perfect layout.   

A final thought

We are headquartered in Aberdeen and serve only the Scottish market. We know what makes a Scottish wedding special and have worked alongside some of Scotland’s finest caterers, photographers and florists. Hiring a marquee for your wedding is a big decision, so it’s worth investing time to make sure you select the right one for you.  We are very proud to be the exclusive supplier of Wills marquees for Scotland.  Along with our expertly trained team and extensive UK partner network, we aim to create the most amazing celebration spaces for each and every event we are privileged to be part of (just look at our online reviews!).    

Photographer: Esme Saville Photography